Alberta Summer Games would have started this week

We are looking to recruit more girls to lacrosse with the goal of having an all-girls team

- Lethbridge Lacrosse Association President Heather Misek

We would like to spread the word that there are several variations of triathlon to make it appealing to more people, including a combination of any two of the triathlon disciplines, running, cycling, and swimming.

- Danny Robdrup, Head coach of Zephyrs Triathlon Team and President of Southern Alberta Multisport Society

Over the next year Lethbridge will experience an increase in community coach and technical official mentoring and training

- Deb Marek, Games Co-Director of Sport

Benefits of volunteering at major sport events include rewards both for the volunteer and for the community. Volunteers make new friends, works with new people, and learns new skills all while contributing to a community event. The community benefits include an increased volunteer base which can lend itself to a stronger social structure. A legacy of volunteerism is a meaningful element of event hosting.

- Diana Sim, former Executive Director of Volunteer Lethbridge

ASG 2021 FINAL Medium

Posted July 22, 2020