The 2021 Municipal Election – Candidate Responses to the Lethbridge Sport Council Member Questions



The Lethbridge Sport Council membership is concerned about the growing cost to families and accessibility to participate in BASIC sport, physical activity, and active recreation programs. The City of Lethbridge Recreation and Master Plan released in February 2021 highlights a key goal area as Inclusion and Access. During an era when the benefit of formal sport and recreation to social, emotional, mental and physical well-being for both the individual and community is more apparent than ever, what ways can City Council better support sport and active recreation in our city?


The City of Lethbridge Recreation and Culture Plan released in February 2021 identifies a need within the next three years for more indoor gymnasium (dry floor space) and indoor fieldhouse-type spaces. Our membership agrees with this assessment. Knowing that the YMCA does not rent their gymnasium to local sport organizations, what is your position on the need for more indoor sport and active recreation amenities within our city?


This year City Council adopted the new Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw 6265). How will you ensure that the City is providing diverse opportunities for sport, active recreation, and other quality of life activities?

- Responses will be posted on Friday October 8th


Lethbridge has two junior sport teams, the Lethbridge Hurricanes and the Lethbridge Bulls. Do you support the addition of other junior sport teams (ie football) to impact local player development and attract more student-athletes to Lethbridge?

CORRECTION: Lethbridge has a third junior sport team, the Lethbridge (lacrosse) Junior B Tier One Barracudas. *Some responses were submitted before the correction, some were submitted after the correction.

- Responses will be posted on Saturday October 9th


The Calgary Flames Sport Bank (CFSB), a KidSport Calgary Program, gathers, recycles and redistributes used sports equipment at no cost to kids in southern Alberta who would otherwise be denied the opportunity to participate. Would you support housing a CFSB equipment distribution centre in Lethbridge to better serve Lethbridge citizens?

- Responses will be posted on Sunday, October 10th


The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted youth sports throughout the country. Many local sports organizations are struggling with decreased enrollment. The City of Lethbridge charges significantly more per hour to use its arenas than other cities in Southern Alberta. Would you request the City consider reducing fees for city arenas while we recover from this pandemic?

- Responses will be posted on Monday, October 11th


The Lethbridge River Valley Master Plan speaks to a weir by-pass and the “excellent opportunity for the City of Lethbridge, in coordination with stakeholder groups, to develop a river white water park”. From page 147 of the LRVMP, “The Oldman River is the dominant feature of the River Valley and is an important asset that residents would like easier access to. It is paramount that the river is accessible to everyone from a variety of locations, regardless of their physical ability.” Do you support the proposed white-water park to replace the weir and a river trail with access and amenities so that citizens can enjoy the river more safely?

- Responses will be posted on Tuesday, October 12th

Posted October 6, 2021