Where Are They Now? Wilson Middle School Boys Basketball Team 2011-2012

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“I feel this has been a keystone in my bodybuilding and having the dedication to eat 6-7 times a day and never miss a training or cardio session or meal.”. When it comes to picking a favorite memory from their 2011-12 season one moment stands out: “Best memory was after we lost that championship game and all just sat in that classroom and cried, felt like the end of the world then. But looking back it actually taught me a lot about how much the journey matters and not just the destination.”

- Tyler Toth

“I feel like that tournament was when we all realized how much of a brotherhood we had with each other and how well we could do that year. Still to this day a lot of us keep in contact and have a brother relationship. I’ll always cherish how much time we spent together. During sports and outside of sports, it was a time of life I’ll never forget.”

- Shawn Grandmont

“The skill of being able to work successfully with others is something that must be practiced, and by playing sports it gave me the perfect opportunity to work on this aspect of my life. My teamwork skills are now invaluable and have a positive impact on many different areas of my day-to-day life.”

- Kyle Mitchell

“My favourite memory from that season would have to be anytime the team got to hang out together in between tournament games. Whether we were all getting food together, or just relaxing in the bleachers, it was always so much fun being around all the players and coaches!”

“Sports has taught me a great deal of values I still hold dear to me. Commitment, work ethic, how to cooperate and build friendships are among the many qualities I have learned from playing sports.”

Going even further he says, “My involvement in sports, as a player and coach is one of the few reasons I want to become a teacher. I love working with people and helping people grow in the ways that sports helped me grow.”

- Bari Ipaa

“I remember laughing lots and just having fun. I am grateful for the mentorship and friendship I received from my coach and teammates, and I am honored to still call them my friends.”

“Be that my continued training in track and field at the university level or the long nights of studying, sport has allowed me to focus on what I want for my life and it has given me the capabilities to persevere through any hardships that may be in my way. I think beyond that it has given me an underrated skill of time management and the ability to balance my life. I have the ability to make and form strong relationships all the while being able to pursue both sport and education and I attribute that largely to my experience with track.”

- Brayden Klippenstein

“...a team that knew what they wanted and were all willing to work as hard as they could for it, and I’d like to think that’s what we did. When I think back on that year, that is what really sticks in my head.”

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Posted March 6, 2021