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Project SCORE (Sport COnnect and REspect)

Score- Uniting Life and Sport

Project SCORE (Sport COnnect and REspect) was developed in October 2010. The 4 C’s framework (confidence, connection, competence, and character) is used as a platform to teach positive development through sport. Project SCORE has developed into a key resource for coaches, athletes, and parents. The goal is to support the growth of youth through sport and life through deliberate delivery in sport programs and helping parents support these lessons outside of sport. On this site, you will find a ‘Coaches Locker Room’ with information and activities for coaches related to the growth of the 4 C’s. There are also very easy ‘SCORE Plays’ that coaches can use and integrate into practices. The site also features a ‘Parent Lounge’. This lounge provides parents with ideas of how to support the development of the 4 C’s and reinforce lessons learned in sport.

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Education and Career Opportunities in Sport

Lethbridge Sport Council

A career in the field of sport and recreation is often appealing to athletes. There are many post-secondary programs and careers within this field that are beyond physical education and kinesiology. This resource is a list of universities and colleges in Alberta offering programs with a focus on sport and recreation.

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Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport: What Coaches Need to Know


Mary Cain, a former record-breaking phenom, made a different type of headline when she spoke up about the pressure she faced to lose weight that caused her to disappear from the running scene (Cain, 2019). Cain’s willingness to speak up started a social media movement that brought to the public’s attention the cost of under-fuelling to an athlete’s physical and mental health.

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Some Say Suck it Up, We Say Huddle Up

Student Athlete Mental Health Initiative (SAMHI)

The SAMHI is an organization dedicated to promoting wellness and mental health, and supporting student athletes who may suffer from a mental health problem or illness.

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Athlete 365


Athlete 365 is a collection of resources dedicated to help you stay mentally fit. From in-depth expert analyses to personal athlete stories, our Mentally Fit initiative is guaranteed to have something useful for you.