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Who are we? As the name implies, we are the Lethbridge Rec Hockey Club, with emphasis on "Recreation." We bring over 30 Seasons of Recreational Hockey experience for kids from Lethbridge & the surrounding area to enjoy.

We offer 5 Divisions of unique recreational hockey programs for boys and girls ages 5 - 17. Our organized program offers an affordable opportunity for players of ALL skill levels to participate in the great sport of hockey. It is a NON-BODY CHECKING program aimed at allowing everyone on the ice the freedom to have fun, fair play, great exercise and to personally develops at their own pace without pressure. Our program's environment encourages physical literacy and lifelong skills. All the "magic" happens for one hour once a week, which consists mainly of one-half hour of practice, and one-half hour of scrimmage. The year culminates with our annual "Stanley Cup Game," where everyone gets a chance to hoist Lord Stanley's Mug!

FULL EQUIPMENT is required including a neck guard.

Jerseys and socks are provided for each player by the club.

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Posted Sep 20, 2021

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