#ChangingLives Through Sport - Michelle Eagle Tail Feathers

This is part of a series of stories recognizing local individuals for their contributions through sport

Michelle Eagle Tail Feathers

I would love to submit my boyfriend Andrew Black Plume in the draw for your October Parents in Sport campaign.

Growing up Andrew has always been a year round athlete and played every sport on the Blood Reserve where we are from. In high school, he won a lot of awards and received many opportunities to travel including the North American Indigenous Games, football at McMahon Stadium with many other players from southern Alberta part of a high school scholarship, and won many championship banners with his high school basketball and cross country teams.

Presently, he stays active playing in Lethbridge recreational teams like softball and hockey. He utilizes and takes advantage of facilities and recreational sports in our city.

Why I want to recognize him is because this past year he became a step father to all four of my children and two more we have taken under our wing who lost both their father and mother to alcohol and suicide. My children also suffer from painful memories and trauma from their own biological father. Not only did he open his home and heart to us (me and my children) but he also provided them with a basketball net in our yard, basketballs, softball equipment, a canoe, golf clubs, work out equipment including a punching bag and boxing equipment, skates, bikes for everyone, hockey sticks, etc.

When we first moved in together he searched endlessly on buy and sell for things people were giving away/selling to give to my children, our children now. A lot of things he got for free and had to fix himself but he did. He truly brought positive change into their lives by providing them with a good home, sport equipment and displaying a positive role model and example.

He has brought them on many boat rides, taught them how to shoot a basketball, had softball games with them but more importantly kept them busy and active in a healthy way. He is constantly planning recreational activities with his new found family that revolves around sports, physical activity and living a healthy active lifestyle.

- Michelle Eagle Tail

Posted November 24, 2020